It’s so rare to find.

In the same way, how do you find a real person? Someone genuine? Someone who cares about the important things in life? Acceptance, God and happiness?

Where do you find such a human?

It seems to me that everyone I know has a degree of fakeness. Whether it be that they’re overdramatic or selfish or self-opinionated or self-involved. It may be they have a slight holier-than-thou approach to most subjects. Maybe they are two-faced. Maybe they like to lie. Maybe they hide themself from others.

I guess I must be the most fake of all.

Who can I talk to about the things I actually care about? My family is the tip of the ice berg of those things and that’s as much as I discuss. Music is also quite important but it never gets that deep.
Why doesn’t anyone understand that I don’t care about success or boys or marks. I only entertain these topics to fit in. I don’t want to be boring. I like politics, but that’s such a basic level of me. Something external.

Why do we never talk about perception and theory and concepts and God? Why is our focus always on what is here and now. What about space? And time? And all things abstract? What about the deepest levels of a human? Is that not more intriguing than Kendall Jenner’s latest look?

I don’t always mind these topics but I do get worn out.

I want to speak to a real human. About real things. About real concepts.

It’s a bit too late now, though.


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