It’s a recessive gene. Our humanity.
Dominantly, we are beasts.
Humanity has come to mean peace and love.
But a savage, can a savage love?
Do we associate Neanderthals with love?
With peace?
Do we associate our ancestors with peace?
Our cavemen ancestors that fought with spears
Our ancestors that were no smarter than a chimpanzee.
Dominantly, we are beasts.
Humanity only occurs rarely in every millionth sperm
And children graced with it are victims
Victims to the lack of humanity that exists
They are poor, hungry or oppressed.
Their humanity is so little that sometimes the world
 The world, it manages to take their humanity away.
Dominantly, we are beasts.
We have managed to develop this idea of culture
To be human is to be civil, intelligent
And yet we are beasts in our own civilised world
Destroying our earth, letting others like us starve
Letting other humans be oppressed, no
No, we are oppressing other humans
We kill without meaning, mutilated living things
There is nothing that we call humanity in all of us
Humanity is a concept, a theory, a fairy tale.
Dominantly, we are beasts.

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