1. the elevation of someone to divine status.

2. the highest point in the development of something; a culmination or climax.

This is the apotheosis of our lives. Every moment that ticks by is the highest point we’ve ever been on the scale of time. It’s the oldest we’ve ever been, it’s the latest year, month or day that we’ve experienced and it’s flashing by in a blur right before us.

Time is so precious, the world so mysterious and wonderful. We live within a universal miracle and yet we are stuck. We are stuck pondering about problems that exist within a world which we ourselves have created.

A world that we call society. A world that isn’t nearly as spectacular as the natural world. Yet here we are, meager societal constructs and ideas largely affecting our purpose and our direction as beings of this earth.

We start off being affected, simply, by growing up in a house that looks the same as all the others around us. If our house dare take a different form it seems that we have torn apart some unspoken rule. An oddly shaped house would either be ridiculed and called impractical or praised for being unique. And yet, still  not enough take the initiative and change their mindsets.

Here we are, billions of people conforming to the same type of house. Is it truly the most effective shape if we have not tried others? If we have not effectively challenged the norm?

We then fuss over our schooling, our grades, our position in society. Where do we fit into this constructed realm? Are we further up on this man-made hierachy or do we sit in dirty, crime-ridden slums at the bottom?

We fuss about the way we look, the way we talk, the words we speak, the way we eat. Our interractions with others are over-anylysed to the point where it all becomes redundent.

We turn into people that mimic others. We have turned into a carbon copy society where everyone thinks the same way.

We build ourselves so far up in this constructed hierachy and yet we find some parts of ourselves are less developed than those people at the bottom of it.

We find that there are parts of us that have been so affected by society that our natural empathy and instinct have crumpled to dust.

And then there’s love.

Now, society could not remove such an intrinsic impulse from the human being. And yet society has manipulated it in such a way that it empowers the privelaged and defeats those that are not.

Apotheosis. To make a human divine. To raise them to the point where flaws are non-existent.

At first, I thought that society apotheosises celebrities. But even they are just kings and queens that can be dethroned (often by harsh rumours or disappointing acts).

Society apotheosises an idea. The idea of perfection. There is so much pressure on people to be the best or to have the best things.

The ideal woman/man in society has a flawless body, is super smart, is super rich, is brilliant at sport and at other cultural things. This is impossible for one human being.

We are chasing this apotheosised dream that we can never reach. We are associating it with divinity, with God! But, I’m pretty sure that God doesn’t care whether or not our outfit matches our lipstick. I’m pretty sure that our higher purpose in life was not to live in a huge house and swim in pools of money. We were born imperfect. We can’t change ourselves.
Stop striving for the impossible.

Stop striving for something so far out of your reach.

Strive for goals that will challenge you, yes,

But imperfection is nature. You cannot beat yourself up for something so simplistic.

Be true? Be the perfect you? How can you be you when you are trying to be perfect.

Perfection is unnatainable. And that’s okay. The way we are right now is exactly that way we should be. We should be happy, not perfect.

Apotheosise beautiful smiles and laughter. Apotheosise flowers and bees. Apotheosise happiness.

Maybe then the world will be filled with joy it has missed since society has emerged.


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