We don’t live in a world that fair and graceful

Mercy is foreign and harshness is standard.

We are hardened and toughened

Battered and beaten until stones feel like feathers.

And in that way our skins are rough.

The darker it is, however, the crueller the world.

Light skin, like a pearl, is formed in a shell.

Firm, tough? Yes. But protected.

Fashioned within a shell. Where the worst terror was itself.

Produced in a space of conservation.

Fabricated into a delicate, impeccable fortitude.

Darker skin, like rock, is bared.

Formed with the spite of the elements

Raging fire scorning it’s surfaces

Wind tearing at it, sending shreds into the sky.

Sand and water crashing and compressing

Against each other to form a regenerated entity.

Crushed, tossed, trampled and propelled.

Indurated and amalgamated until no spaces remain.

Indestructible, unbeatable. Exposed.

Not spared from any terror, no boundary where the horror ends.

And the pearl is hardened, yes, but it is smooth.

Glistening and perfect. Round and petite.

The rock is shaped by mother nature.

Rough and grainy. Infinite configurations and proportions.

Chipped in some places and crumbled in others.

And that is why the pearl is more desirable.

That is where the divide begins.

It starts at the roots of creation.

The rock created to form mountains.

The pearl to be strung onto chains of silver.

But if the pearl and rock were to collide,

Neither would shatter

They would just collide again and again

Strength and durability are identical.

The only difference is that the pearl is more desirable.

If a rock and a pearl lie adjacent in the mud, why

Does the collector pick the pearl?

Is its perfect mould somewhat more appealing?

Is the rock simply not as desirable?

Is it not equal in every other way?

Clearly something is wrong with its origins.

Clearly it is inferior.

Is that not so? But who decides that?

If the rock were to be cherished, desired, rare,

If the rock could be loved and love itself,

If the rock could lie peacefully next to the pearl

And not worry about being left alone in the mud,

Would it perhaps not be as damaged?





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