Nothing Dries Sooner Than Tears.

A black hole. That’s where all the truth disappears to.

There’s an incandescent need for something real, plausible that weighs down the room. The concrete walls melt into the wooden floor as colours that don’t belong splash onto surfaces of black and white. The table sits on the ceiling and the window in the floor. It all melts into one thing in the end.

Each part of the room is imperceptible. What is real becomes unclear. But this is life. The crowd in morphing hats and changing clothes just laughs and bustles in.

A man stands tall as they all take seats on where they assume the furniture is. As the furniture moves from where their butts were meant to land, a few of them fall to the floor but don’t try to move to the chair’s new spot.

The man seems to be wearing some sort of headgear that won’t decide what it wants to be; a top hat, a cap or a ring of gorgeous roses.

His eyes are differing in shades of earth, from brown to blue to green. Sometimes there are three. Sometimes four. His nose tends to hide itself as well as his ears. Not that he needs them much. His mouth however, stays firm and solid. Unchanging.

A solid line ready to shout any second now. His clothes are just a blob of shifting rags and can never be truly seen. His height, weight, shape is


changing …


The only place you can look at without going cross-eyed is his mouth. He addresses the crowd. He asks about The Great Absence.

The first question is the same at every meeting. How much money was lost. The problem is, it always amounts to zero.

The council then fails to accept it as a crisis. Life continues. The absence grows. People get hollower and more shapeless each time.

One day a boy asks his dad what is happening. What is it that is absent? Can’t we find it?

His dad simply said that it was all feeling. The tears of a newborn are lost to the wind before her mother can even see them. A child is done crying before anyone can intefere.
The world grew. Civilised. Advanced. It became stronger and smarter. The world did not see emotion as a strength. They lost it. The decided it was nothing. People stopped showing it. Intelligence became about truths and not feelings. The Great Absence came into existence.
The world is hiding itself in order to see logical solutions and straightforwardly move forward.

It’s all we can do to survive in this shapeless world.


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